Hidden Figures gives perspective


Hidden Figures is a biopic depicting the racial struggles of the 1960’s, specifically in the work environment whether it’s equal opportunity, pay, or social graces. Anyone who enjoyed the Jesse Owens Biopic “Race” will also enjoy this movie because of the similar message it shares. This movie addresses the black woman who played a vital role in the 1960’s space race and NASA’s endeavors in space. The movie is very important in that it very tastefully covers not only the racial injustices but the gender equality taking place during that time. With many dramatic scenes leaving the audience speechless due to the power behind. The movie also contains excellent comic relief giving the movie a heartwarming feel at the end despite the pivotal contributions of these women being overlooked by the nation. What really helps the movie is its star studded cast, especially the powerful performances displayed by Taraji Penda Henson and Octavia Spencer, who display the intelligence which these women had very well. This movie is a definite must see for everyone, even children, since it discusses such important topics that must be talked about even today.

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