Graduation Waits Around the Corner


As a child, imagination runs crazy when thinking of what the future will bring. Becoming famous seems so doable. Within their imagination, anything is possible. Elementary school runs by so fast, middle school seems to stretch, then there’s high school. A mixture of fun and stress is pressed on the adolescent to later produce a young adult. Four years of pressure for a successful future and then finally graduation. At first, starting as a freshman is fun and the future seems so far that college and future residence doesn’t tend to cross their minds. Then, senior year hits and that far away future is suddenly staring right in the student’s face. This is that time of year.

Seniors are now beginning to see their future unfold. Their years of hard work, or sadly, of slacking begin to show its consequences. That moment they have been waiting for, when they throw up their hats in celebration and smiles amongst their classmates are shared, is their first step to adulthood. It is also the time of year, when sadly, students begin to give up on finishing their final year of high school. School begins to seem like something so boring and simply like a waste of time. However, if students would look at their past years of high school, they would see all four years of dedication lay out their future path.

Endings are always hard but really, many endings mark the beginnings of great experiences.

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