Amazon donates $15,000 to Angel’s Closet


Angel’s Closet received a $15,000 donation in the form of clothing and other goods early last month. On December 5th, 2016, Amazon generously brought a full truck container of various clothing items to Redlands East Valley High School in support of the charity foundation.

Angel’s Closet is an organization that seeks to provide clothing for those who are in need of it, especially in the winter seasons when the temperature is at a low. Teenagers who have families that are struggling financially are given gently used clothing that has been donated from other people who have grown out of it or have no use for their clothes anymore. This organization has been around since 2008 and is located at the REV campus.

The ceremony, which was delayed while waiting for local news stations to arrive, had amassed a large crowd of teachers and students who had come out to watch. It took place in front of the Wildcat Cafe and was widely broadcasted and photographed. Pat Williams, founder of Angel’s Closet, started off by thanking many of those who have supported the organization since it opened. Then, the Amazon Prime associate spoke briefly before having Amazon workers dressed up as elves bring out boxes of goods from their truck. These items included jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.

Overall, the event was a good way to spread publicity for the charity organization as well as the kindness from those at Amazon; those who came out to witness the event know the positivity that it had brought.

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