Column: Learning to Grow Up 



It is normal to have everyday struggles. As Kaylan Enge, a writer for Ethic Newspaper wrote, “first world problems” tend to run across our minds daily. There are those as small as picking out your outfit for the day and making sure that your homework is in your backpack and then there are those that are always lurking in your mind, like thoughts of self doubt or confusion as to what your future holds and what you can do to shape it.

Being in high school, all of these thoughts tend to mush together and ultimately form a huge wave of bewilderment. In which case, many have acknowledged these thoughts and how our decisions tend to shape our future person. There’s colleges, jobs, fields of interests to look at; leaving behind family and friends. This is the season for goodbyes, and although it will all pass, it is these decisions that will most greatly affect each and every one of the new generation’s lives. The youth of this generation are deciding the place that their future takes place and with whom it takes place, thus ultimately shaping their future.

As it is that time of year to look ahead at what is waiting, it would be great if students looked at what they have now. The parents that have shaped them for the moment that their graduation hats fly in the air; the friends who have been by their sides through each and every new experience; the teachers who have put in huge amounts of their time and lives into their education for a future.

While students are experiencing challenges now, maybe even some of the most challenging and decisive choices, there are all those other challenges they have made it through that prepared them and influenced them to choose their future. Take a look at what you have been through. While it might have been a lot at the time, it will ultimately prepare you for a future hardship or trial or challenge that will make you a stronger person. Although the saying is cliche, it’s true that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

As a student in high school and on the brink of graduation, I know how much the small things can accumulate over the stress of an uncertain future and path. If students could just stop and appreciate what they have and what has made them the person that they are today, they could see that all their past challenges made them the person they are and the person they will be.

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