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Top 5 things I Learned From Marching Band


​As a senior, the season ending for your chosen sport can be a emotional rollercoaster. For me that comes in the form of marching band. Band is something I have done since 4th grade. (Besides the temporary period when I did online homeschooling from 5th-7th grade.) And since it has been such a big part of my high school year, it’s end saddens me a bit.  So here are the five most important things that I learned from marching band.

  1. Friendship/Family: In anything you do friendship is probably something that you would most likely want. I’ve met tons of great people because of my time in marching band. In the time that we have been together they have become my second family All the games we played while hanging out, long hours of practices, and jokes that we shared. But that’s not all even I’ve even gained teamwork through it.
  2. Teamwork and Cooperation: Following friendship will be teamwork since they go hand in hand. While you’re down there on the field practicing putting together a field show for hours you learn that it’s important to keep your feet in time. If you’re out of step it doesn’t only make you look bad it makes the group as a whole look bad resulting in lower scales during performances at competition.     
  3. Discipline: I’ve learned to discipline myself with certain situations. During the season there were so many times when me and others would be cracking jokes and we would get called to attention. This allowed me to learn to get into a serious attitude quickly.
  4. Sacrifice: Throughout the years there have been so many things that I sacrificed for the program. There were times when I had the chance to go to the movies or do something else that I wanted that I gave up just to go to a practice.
  5. THE TRUE VALUE OF WATER: As a marching band student who practiced in the blazing hot sun for hours on end; WATER IS ESSENTIAL. When you are tired and sweating you got get that energy back and cool off. It actually gave me a new value of water.

 These are all of the things that I learned in the program and I’m honestly sad to say that I have finished marching band.

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