Redland East Valley’s Has a Diversified Chess Club 


​Every week, Thursday is considered a special day for all the chess fans out there. The reason why is because of the chess club meeting. Chess Club meets every week in room G118 at REV. Hosted by Mr. Ridgway; chess club provides kids with a serene environment to indulge and humor their love for chess along with other board games, such as battleship, monopoly, clue, connect 4, scrabble, risk, and Pictionary. Mr. Ridgway have been hosting chess club for seven years, and when asked Mr. Ridgway said that he hosts chess club “Because it is quite.”
When I asked one of the members; “Why do you like chess club?” This is how he responded,  “I enjoy going to chess club because I find it fun and relaxing to compete strategically with my fellow analytical students and teachers.”

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