Halloween to Thanksgiving 


​My family is very spirited when it comes to  holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We decorate the the house with the theme of the holiday and go all out. This year I noticed that right after Halloween was over, there were advertisements for Christmas. On social media, the television, newspaper, and everywhere you go is all about Christmas. It’s like everyone forgot about Thanksgiving. 

Almost everyone I know forgot about it as well. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and to see that everyone forgot about it makes me wonder if anyone is really thankful for what they have, or just focusing on what they want. 

Thanksgiving should be a day where we are all thankful for our loved ones, family, and friends. We should enjoy this holiday because it brings kindness and hope to everyone. People should not thinking only about Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is important too. 

Categories: Opinion

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