Marching Band Comes to an End


The 2016 Marching Band season is coming to an end. For many performers, this means the end of marching band for them. As the Redlands East Valley Marching Wildcats finish up their season, it is bittersweet for the many seniors that will be graduating this year. When asked how he feels about the end of the marching band season, senior Cameron Kroetz answers, “I am really tired and stressed out, but I’m also going to miss it. These past four years have been amazing and have shown me who I am.”

For the members of the marching band, the end of the season can be crazy. After months of three to four hour practices every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with eight hour drill rehearsals and long competitions on Saturdays, the sudden stop comes as a sort of shock. “I’m sad that it’s over, because it was my ‘make-up’ year for last year, being out. But I feel I’ve made the most out of it,” says Robert Cranfill, a senior trumpet player who was out last season due to an injured knee.

Most of all, the students and the staff have a feeling of pride in creating an entire nine minute show and performing it for an audience. This year, the REV marching band will be competing with the best bands in Southern California at championships, which was the main goal of the staff. “The Director and Staff set a goal at the beginning of the season and that goal was to qualify and compete in the SCSBOA Championships. As an organization, we met that goal. I couldn’t be more proud as an instructor, and I can’t wait to see what next year’s group of students bring to the table,” states Brayan Rubio, the assistant director at REV. Another senior, Taylor Beggs, explains “I’m proud of what we accomplished, but I’m sad that it’s coming to an end,” and a sophomore, Krystal Arias, speaks in profound words: “I’m proud to be a wildcat.”

The REV Marching Wildcats will end their successful season with their last performance on November 19, 2016 at the SCSBOA Championships.

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