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Becoming a Cyber Bully 


I have always understood that cyberbullying was an issue and that it was out there. I have actually written a lot about trying to stop it as well. However, I didn’t have an actual connection to it…until now. 

Just recently, someone I know has become a victim of cyberbullying. And it is my fault. I sent the photo to my friend without thinking and she was the one who posted it on Instagram. He had to face other classmates and peers laughing at him and mocking him throughout the whole day. I had been unaware of this since I don’t have any social media and when I found out what had been happening, I automatically denied it. I didn’t think of myself as a bully and I didn’t want to think that I was the reason someone I loved had become a victim of it. However, after some thought, I realized that I was indeed the one who had put it “out there” for the whole school to see.

 This was very shocking, I mean, I am against bullying, not for it– so, how had I just become the bully without even realizing it? How could I just let this pass over my head? Well, the reason why is because I wasn’t thinking of others. I wasn’t thinking about what the outcome would be if another person, who had social media, had access to an embarrassing picture like the one I had sent. 

 I want to let others know I am ashamed to say that I am a bully. I am the resource another person used to start the snowball.I am regretful to refer to myself like that, but it’s the truth. I made a mistake, one that will never be taken back and now, because of me, others are in possession of a photo that was never meant to be seen by more than a few eyes. I want to apologize to him because I do love him and I wish I had control over what I sent but, it’s gone and I can never get that back. Never. 

So now, I am telling you, please watch what you send. Watch what others send you and try to stop the wildfire that spreads so quickly amongst this generation with technology at their fingertips. Stop the bullying.

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  1. You are against bullying, yet you find the need to further bring light to this issue by writing about it in a newspaper – a platform that is broadcasted to multiple schools and the general public? Instead of exposing yourself and the unfortunate situation that happened, I suggest handling this privately and finding solace that way.
    Thanks for sharing your story, but I hope in the future you realize the need to cater your articles to the readers, and not use your column as a way for you to seek resolution to private issues that relate to only a small group of people.


  2. I find this article not appropriate to write in a professional newspaper. The nature of the topic is okay, but calling yourself out, and exposing a situation of this nature is potentially harmful to you, and the other parties involved.


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