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Column: Through My Eyes

Netflix Binging


With Thanksgiving Break coming, ‘Netflix Binging’ season is in full swing. Thanks to the full week of free time a lot of students will have, the upcoming break is the perfect time to start a new TV show (or a couple new ones). As someone who loves to watch entire TV shows in one swift move (i.e. the infamous ‘Netflix Binge’), I have plenty of experience searching through the hundreds of options to find good ones.

Here are a few of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix:

  1. Friends

This one is a classic. This 90’s comedy sitcom is filled with six hilarious characters and their lives centering around one apartment in New York City. The ten seasons follow the lives of the three girls and three boys in their searches for love and preparations for their futures. If you are looking for a light show that will make you laugh, this is the one for you.

     2. Scrubs
This comedy-drama follows the lives of young doctors as they work their way through their residencies and become full-time physicians. The main character, John Dorian, is a sensitive guy with a running inner monologue of his thoughts and various daydreams that intrigue the audience. This show, while having a comedic undertone, paints a very real picture of the lives of doctors as they work long hours and sometimes fail to save people in the ICU. This show is perfect for anyone ready to laugh and cry, and it’s perfect for the ‘Netflix Binge.’

     3. Gilmore Girls
It is most fitting to mention this show now, because the new miniseries is scheduled to appear on Netflix on November 25. This family drama centers around Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter also Lorelai Gilmore (but goes by Rory) in the fictional small town of Stars Hollow. With the fast-paced dialogue and pop culture references, the audience watches as Rory grows up and attends the college of her dreams, and Lorelai builds a life for herself. You meet some colorful characters along the way, making this show a light-hearted classic. It is a must-watch.

    4. How I Met Your Mother
If you have not already seen this TV comedy, it is time you should. And Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to finally find out how Ted, the main character, meets his wife. THe end of the series is a controversial topic for every watcher, but nonetheless, the show is a crazy journey of Ted’s search for love in New York City. He tells the story, speaking to his kids, in flashbacks, making for a hilarious spin on the story of how he met their mother.

These are four TV shows that I have personally seen and can recommend, however there are hundreds of options for your next ‘Netflix Binge.’ Some other shows with great reviews are Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, and the Office, but there are no limits to what your next favorite TV show might be. So, just choose a show that sounds interesting and go from there. I know I will be watching all week to find my next favorite show, and maybe I can add something new to this list of favorites. But as always, this is just through my eyes.

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