Citrus Varsity Basketball Has High Hopes


The Citrus Valley Blackhawks Varsity Basketball team looks to improve from its 6-18 overall record from last year. Varsity basketball coach Yon Okorodudu says some of the things they improved on this year from the previous year was their “outside shooting has greatly improved, the kids have gotten physically stronger, and our defense and offense improved as well.”

As for players to look out for this year, Coach Okorodudu listed off “Ethan Bell, Joey Stowers, Mateo Blocker, and Evan Oliver.” When asked about how the Blackhawks would exhibit class during games, Okorodudu said, “Not getting technical fouls, representing themselves, not talking trash, and not getting a bad reputation.”

When asked about things the Blackhawks are doing differently from this year to last, Okorodudu said, “We are taking a different approach on practice in-game to make it more faster and more interactive for the kids.” He has strong faith towards his team and looks to improve in this year’s season.

​Their first shot will be on Nov. 22nd, at 11:00 A.M, at Grand Terrace.

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