A Visit From a Taiwanese Foreign Exchange Student 


Jason Lin arrived in America about a month ago from Taiwan. He is from the biggest city in Taiwan, Taipe. Before coming to America, he lived in a city like environment where he said he can go anywhere on subway in about 10 minutes. He said the school system in Taiwan was harder and that the average time for school was usually from 7 AM to 5 PM. Furthermore, unlike students in the United States, Taiwanese students do not get to choose the classes they want to take or their teachers.

When asked why he wanted to be a foreign exchange student, he replied “I want to experience different cultures.” Also, he liked the freedom Americans influenced and admired the media mostly through music and movies. Later on, when asked who would he like to bring with him to America, he said he would like to bring his friends because he believes that they will have a fun experience as well.

​While studying abroad, he hopes to go to popular tourist destinations such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. Hopefully Jason will enjoy his stay in America and hold onto exciting memories! 


Jason Lin

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