Experiencing Elections With a New Perspective


​When I was younger, I inattentively witnessed as elections would come and go. I never paid them much attention as they rarely affected my life. Despite that, I got more interested in politics as I grew up and I found myself following the elections and forming opinions. Soon after, I chose my political party. Before I knew it, politics took over my brain, and the elections turned from being a neglected event to an event that I cherished. 

This election, however, was a bit different for me. It was different because I was presented with an opportunity to volunteer for Paul Chabot’s campaign. I was hesitant to go at first. Going would mean that my regular weekends would be switched out for walking precincts (political soliciting) and making donor calls. Nonetheless, I decided to go as I realized that only two scenarios were plausible: either I enjoy the event and get to know more like-minded people, or I dislike the event. The former proved to be true. In fact, volunteering in the campaign proved to be one of the best decisions that I took. As soon as I arrived, The campaign manager gave me a small tour of the office and introduced me to everyone else. After that, I headed out with two other volunteers to walk a precinct. Although it was a lot of work, the group lunch at the very end with the candidate made it all worth it. 

Seeing that I enjoyed the event, I got more involved with the campaign and volunteered for the following four weeks. In the end, the campaign earned me 20 community service hours, two recommendation letters, and the privilege of getting to know like-minded people. 

Above all, the campaign gave me a whole new perspective on the elections. I had now invested blood (yes real blood… don’t ask), and sweat into something that I believe in. Now I didn’t see polls as statistics anymore. I saw them as precincts that I walked and as people who I talked to. I now understand that every vote counts and that election are much more than a blue and red map. 

That, my dear reader, is why I strongly urge you to go out and volunteer for whichever party or candidate you believe in,  and trust me, it will change how you view things forever.     

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