REV Cross Country Advances to CIF


Cross Country is a sport that is often confused with Track, for the reason that, “It’s running, it’s all the same…” etc., but unknown to many, the training put into Cross Country requires far more endurance, is more volume based, and especially more scenic than Track. In Cross Country, the top runners will race a three mile course in hopes to be able to compete at the next level.

Cross Country is scored by the first five runners on a team to cross the finish line, with the sixth person as a tie-breaker. The lower the score, the better; a perfect score is fifteen points.

Eli Opsahl shared his thoughts on the current season and his performance so far.

How do you feel about getting into CIF?
Opsahl: “Well, um, I’m excited for what our team could do, and I’m excited because… we’re going to be racing the same race as the previous state meet, uhhh, winner from last year.”

How did you feel the season was this year?
“Uhm, I feel this season was good but our best is yet to come, but I think definitely uh, very satisfying, we came in second in CBL so that’s… can’t be much more satisfying than that.”

Do you have any goals for the future?
“Just for us to get into CIF Finals and go to state and try to have a shot at winning it.”

What’s your Personal Record for the season and what’s your goal time?
“My PR for the season so far has been a 14:48, but uh, we’re not running any more 3-miles, it’s all just going to be 5k’s, but my goal is to break the school record, which is 14:47.”

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