Counselors lead seniors through college apps


Seniors have a very stressful final year of high school. They have to consider what their options are for their future, what colleges to attend, and where they will be living for the next two to eight years. The counselors at Redlands East Valley High School have realized that many students don’t ever take that first step of applying to colleges because they do not know how to go about it or they do not have the time.

Therefore, Redlands East Valley High School hosted its first college application help session available to all seniors. The media center has reserved time for all block periods the week of Nov. 14 through Nov. 18 for students to be excused from class and given time with their counselors to apply to the colleges they wish to attend. This is not only helpful for the students, but also helpful for the counselors as they will know where each of their students are on the path of applying to colleges.

​Counselors LaRee Orland, Shana Delmonico, Tom Slick, Mollee O’Day, Joe Gianni and librarian Korri Krohne are present to answer any questions and be of help. With this college application session, the seniors can more confidently take this time to apply. Once they have completed an application, they are given the honor of writing their name and the college they applied to on the poster marked “2017” to be displayed on campus.  

Counselors have reported that 101 students apllied to over 150 colleges throughout the two day workshop.

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