A survey reveals that the election has an impact on teens


The day has finally arrived when the people finally elect the next President to lead our nation for the next four years. The battle for the White House has been a fierce one throughout the 2015-2016 year. The ending result being a showdown between the finalist Democratic Hillary and Republican Donald J. Trump. On Nov. 8, 2016, history was made when Donald Trump won the electoral vote. 

A survey was conducted on Election Day with 144 students responding. The following questions were: 
1. Will this election be remembered as historical or an embarrassment or both?
2. Has this election caused you at any point of this year to worry, stress, or fear for the future?
3. Should we fear for the future of our country regardless who is elected?
4. Who do you believe will win as President?

Q1: 54% Embarrassment
       31% Historical
       35.1% Both
       2% Undecided

Q2: 82.6%  Yes
        9.7% No
        3.4% Maybe 
        .4% Undecided

Q3: 76.3%  Yes 
       18.7% No 
       1% Maybe
      1% Undecided

Q4: 65.9%  Hillary  
        21.5% Trump
        2% Other Candidate
        8.3% Undecided

​Of course, what is the point? Teenagers are still not allowed to vote until the age of 18. However they should have a voice in events occurring in our nation, especially who is going to be the next leader of our country after graduating from High School. The Internet and social media have been main tool the candidates used to attract voters.  Listening to all the speeches, verbal attacks, and debates on the news and social media make people concern about the formality of elections. This proves that the teenagers surveyed cared as much as adults about this year’s election. Especially, since this election caused worry, stress, or fear for the future for most of the surveys participants.We will have to see how Trump leads our nation for the next four years.                

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