Current Generation Renews Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving is something that has evolved throughout the years, bringing families together all over the nation. It is something that is shared from family to family to express how thankful people are for each other and the things around them. Since the beginning it brought different cultures together and united them for a special event to share. Though the first Thanksgiving was based on religion, traditions today have been reshaped and remade it into innumerable things which everyone can enjoy.

The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621. This day brought together the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians where they were able to set aside their differences and share a bountiful feast for the autumn season. The second recorded Thanksgiving was in 1623 held by the Pilgrims. Their special feast was held specifically to mark the end of a drought that affected their crops that year. Governor Bradford, who in this time made critical decisions for the better of the townspeople, had called for a religious fasting to take place during this threatening drought which caused great harm to the harvest and when it was lifted, this special feast took place. In modern time, Thanksgiving has been brought from a religious gathering to something much more. While usually keeping to old traditions, new flairs have been added by each family to make the celebration more of their own. Traditions families include  in their gatherings are the classic making of the turkey and the gathering together to share their gratitude and have a bountiful meal. A new tradition in this generation has also been volunteering to help with Thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate so that everyone can feel the holiday spirit and the season of giving. Another well-known Thanksgiving tradition is the annual parade in New York city taking place since 1924 where millions gather to see the parade along with its skyscraping balloons depicting characters of well-known cartoons or animations each year.

Though Thanksgiving has been renewed over the years with each family putting their own twists on the classic celebration as well as controversies arising about the “first” Thanksgiving itself the holiday has stayed true to its original purpose: to be grateful for the people and the opportunites in one’s life.

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