A Look at These Two Weeks in History


Oct. 22, 1879: Thomas edison perfects his light bulb

Oct. 23, 1812: Coup d’etat against napoleon fails 
Oct. 24, 1911: Orville wright remains in the air for 9 minutes setting a world record that lasted for 10 years
Oct. 25, 1780: John hancock becomes first the first governor of massachusetts
Oct. 26, 1682: William penn receives land to start the pennsylvania colony
Oct. 27, 1682: William penn officially founded pennsylvania
Oct. 28, 1726: Gulliver’s travels is published
Oct. 29, 539 BC: King cyrus attacks babylon releasing jewish people from 70 year exile making it the first declaration of human rights
Oct. 30, 1866: Jesse james robes bank in lexington for $2000
Oct. 31, 1517: Martin luther posts the 95 theses on the church door
Nov. 1, 1512: Michelangelo’s sistine chapel painting finished
Nov. 2, 1824: Jackson is elected president
Nov. 3, 1796: John adams is elected 2nd president of the united states
Nov. 4, 1922: Tomb of tutankhamun is discovered

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