Spotlighting Student Artists


Senior Isaac McElroy
“I started drawing in middle school, and it’s just followed me ever since. The beauty of art inspired me. The idea that you can give meaning, purpose and life to something that’s lifeless. I’ve always loved art and seeing it, and all forms inspired me as well. I’ve thought about minoring in art, but not as a career. I knew I wanted to keep at it when I finished my first true drawing I did for my mother on Mother’s day, which was a flower. I had made her a mother’s day card. The satisfaction of being able to give a piece of me to her made me want to do that for other people. I guess my style varies. I love the Renaissance, the golden age of art. But then I like the gothic age of Germany and using share and light. I’m drawn to all styles. So, I can’t specify which style I own. I don’t have a preferred time to draw. It’s more of a pass time or I’ll draw because I’m really inspired and that comes at all times. For any students beginning to have a love for art, I say go with it full force. It definitely is hard at first finding your style, your place with your art. But make it from the heart, make it you, so that it’s not forced and you can enjoy the process of it all better. My art is a piece of me. I draw what I feel, be it sad, or happy, spontaneous, my art is me. And, they’re also things I care about, the world, people I love, things I love… I think art is very underrated and that it’s very important for kids to be able to do art in a space that allows them to. In today’s age, where depression is large and judgement is easily shared, art is an outlet, and it’s the chance for someone to truly express themselves and that’s important.”

Senior Holly Nicks
“I started drawing in the first grade. What inspired me to start drawing was that I was into Sonic the Hedgehog at the time and I drew fanart of that. So, that’s pretty much what got me going at first….I started off with drawing fanart and then I got into drawing anime a little bit, and then I started doing more fanart and then I just started branching off from there and doing my own thing. My style is more cartoonish…I wouldn’t say it’s anime… The best time usually [to draw] is when I’m at home and in my room and, you know, I’m listening to some music and it usually gets me in my zone. My drawings are…high-spirited and usually very bubbly. At some point or another, I want to be…I want to do something like get a cartoon network or something and… assist in making cartoons. Something that caused me to realize that this was really something I wanted to do was…because of how everyone was reacting to my art and saying ‘you’re really good’ and telling me ‘you should really pursue it’, so that got me thinking like maybe I really should go on an advanced level with this. To any students who are beginning to find their love for art, I’d like to say repetition is key to getting better. Get your artwork out there as much as you’re nervous about showing your art, it’s really key in order to getting noticed.”

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