Interview With Hannah Washburn


How hard did you practice to make it to CBL?
Hannah Washburn: I practiced a lot…every day after school for 1.5 hours.

How did it feel to make it to CBL finals?
Washburn: It felt great. We didn’t expect to make it that far. It was almost surreal.

As a team, how did you feel about CBL?
Washburn: We felt pretty nervous since it was our first year together, but when we were in the court we just focused.

What motivates you when you play?
Washburn: How hard I worked to get this far, everything leading to a certain game.

What inspired you to start playing tennis?
Washburn: I wanted to get connected into high school, and I thought tennis would be good place to do that.

Washburn also states that “I’m excited to represent REV at the CIF individual playoffs with my doubles partner Natalie Zander. We’ve been working for this since July so it’s pretty surreal that it’s finally here.”

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