Hamilton’s America Catches Attention


Hamilton’s America aired on October 21 as part of PBS’ Arts Fall Festival.  The hour long documentary took a deeper look into the award winning musical that swept the nation. It followed Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, through the creation process of making a musical. With his voice as the main narration the audience sees the musical go from a song at the White House’s 2008 Poetry Jam to winning a Tony award. Not only is the audience experiencing how Miranda writes his music, but also they see the original broadway cast going to historical sights and seeing the original documents and artifacts that are in the show.

The most striking part of the hour is when Lin-Manuel starts to talk about his family and the similarities between Hamilton and them. He says, “I’m just playing my dad.” And in some aspects that’s true, but that’s because Hamilton has the quintessential immigrant story. They come from a town or island that becomes too small for their dreams, so they have to study and work their way out. Then they move to America where they have to study and work twice as hard to just be at the same level of those born here. That is what makes Hamilton’s and all successful immigrant stories so amazing. It is the constant fighting for their goals that makes up the American Dream. Lin’s family also moved to New York which then in turn shape the men Lin-Manuel and Hamilton  become.

Hamilton’s America is the deeper dive into the thought process and lives of not only Hamilton, but Miranda as well. It reminds the audience that the old, white men in history books were real people with goods and bads that the nation should not forget they. It also reminds the audience that some history is yet to be uncovered even when it lies all around.

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