Evening of the Arts Takes the Stage


On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, Evening of the Arts took stage in the Blackstone Theater with a show to put on. What is Evening of the Arts? Well, Assistant Instrumental Director Brayan Rubio answered, “Evenings of the Arts provides a chance for students in the music program to showcase what they have been rehearsing all of fall for.” The Instrumental, Choir, and Drama departments do a collaboration to show off each department into one show. REV is the only high school in Redlands that has been doing this show for 20 years straight. Drama put on skits that made the audience laugh and feel sad for the characters. The Comedy Sportz team entertained the audience by letting them influence parts of their skit. The Instrumental groups played pieces that were calm and beautiful to energetic and lively as Mr.Hollett conducted them. The students part of the Choir could let their voices to be beautifully heard that night in the show. Marching Band was able to end the show with their performance of ‘In the Heights.’ Of course, this is one of the many shows that will go on this year. These students work hard on these shows as much as their directors, and as the year progresses, the students will have a chance to improve and shine. They get help from their directors or older, mature students. Mrs. Stevens, Director of the Choir department, stated, “It is the mature members that will help our program improve.” This show was a success, and it was shown by the loud applause from the audience.

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