CV Water Polo Battles and Falls to Yucaipa


On Oct. 25, two varsity teams were going to battle it out, but instead of on a field it was in a pool. Citrus Valley’s Boys water polo was going up against Yucaipa High School.

The first two scores came from Citrus Valley, one from Cole Batts and one from Owen Wilson. Right after Coles scored, Yucaipa got on the board with a score coming from #10. From this point on is was a back and forth in a hard fought game.

#10 from Citrus scored making it 3-1, then Yucaipa’s #2 scored, followed by Yucaipa’s #10 scores not long after tying up the game at 3-3.Citrus then put another point in the board when #6 muscled one in the net, but on the next possession Yucaipa’s #2 scores tying the game up once again at 4-4.

Then #6 on Citrus decided to break that tie and score a goal giving Citrus a 5-4 lead but that lead did not last as once again Yucaipa’s #10 and #6 both score giving Yucaipa the 6-5 lead.

Yucaipa from this point would go on a 7-3 run boosting their lead to 13-8. After Citrus’s goal making the score 13-8, Yucaipa scored on the next two possessions one from #10 and one from #2 making the score 15-8.

Citrus would then score their final goal coming from #7 as Citrus would fall to Yucaipa 15-9.

Catch the Citrus Varsity team go up against Redlands East Valley on Nov. 11, at 3:15 pm.

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