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Column: You and I

I am not a Costume 


The weather is getting colder — at least colder by California terms–, the food is getting sweeter, the houses are getting decorated. All this combined is the start of the most beloved time of the year: holiday season! 

Halloween is the first holiday that’s marked on the calendar, and the air is alive with festiveness. From pumpkins to scary movies, Halloween is fun for all ages. It’s a chance to let loose, have some fun, and pretend to be someone that you’re not for a day. It’s the time to be scared at Universal’s Horror Nights and sit in suspense as you watch Silence of the Lambs. 

It’s not the chance to mock cultures. 

Political correctness is term that is often thrown around carelessly. It’s sometimes used as a derogatory term, or as a standard for behavior. Most of the time it’s used incorrectly. Political correctness is not about being sensitive or being ‘right’, it’s about being polite and being aware your position in the world. So when someone wears of costume of your culture, whether or not they mean harm by it, it’s just not okay. 

But it’s just a costume! It doesn’t mean much of anything! 

You’re right, it just a costume, and that’s exactly where the problem lies. To you, it’s just a costume, just something to put on a look cool with, to other people — to sometimes entire nations of people– it’s a way of life, it’s their customs and their traditions. 

It’s certainly not something to surmise in a quick costume that you picked up at Party Plus. There are a million other costumes that you can wear, so why choose a costume that mocks a culture? 

Be Superman or Wonder Woman. The only people you will be hurting are the people wearing Marvel costumes. 

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