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Column: Here’s the Thing

Rallies, Rules, and the Discrepancies Between Them


At the beginning of the school year, students got a student agenda handbook. The agendas provided by the school come in handy during several occasions and contain all the rules and guidelines. Among these are dance rules, which are there to keep school dances appropriate, maintain order, and for, according to the agenda, ” __the safety of all REVHS students and staff.” 

The rules, previously mentioned, are found on page 9 of the student handbook given to us at the beginning of the school year. Rules such as “When dancing back to front, all dancers must remain upright- no sexual squatting or sexual bending is allowed.” 

It also contains general policies, which include “No students, regardless of his social status, race, creed, or color, shall receive preferential treatment in any matter outlined in this policy of discipline.” 

Both the rules and the guidelines have been broken time and time again by groups during pep rallies while teachers, security officers, and administrators stood idly by while it happened, although they are there to supervise the pep rallies. The groups mentioned have managed to get by performing dance moves, such as twerking and inappropriate squatting, for two years without getting any form of rebuking whatsoever. 

Whether or not, the rules are fair, rules should be enforced whenever students are on campus during school hours or at school-sanctioned events. This includes rallies.

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