Break the Curse, Cubs Get First


108 years. The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was 108 years ago in 1908, which was a time where segregation was prominent and women couldn’t vote. But now on Nov. 2, 2016 history was made for the Cubs. After having an amazing regular season (103-58) the Cubs would then go on to dominate the post season, knocking out the wild card team the San Francisco Giants with an easy 4-0. The Cubs would then go on to play against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the number one team in their division. Things started to look a little shaky at this point, with the Cubs winning the first game and losing the next two putting them at a 1-2 disadvantage. But the Cubs are no quitters, going on to beat the Dodgers three games in a row winning the series 4-2 leading to the long awaited World Series Finale against the Cleveland Indians.

However, the Cleveland Indians are no joke, beating the Cubs in the first game with a score of 6-0. But this year the Cubs are a force to be reckoned with, leading to a 5-1 win for the Cubs in hopes of finally winning the World Series. Things began to look grim for the fated Chicago Cubs with the next two games, losing both times to the Indians resulting in a 3-1 series in favor of the Indians. Determined to win the World Series after 108 years, the Cubs kick it into high gear. They win their last home game of the series 2-3 making the overall series score 3-2, with the Indians leading by one game and one game away from winning the whole thing. Game six was one game to remember for the Cubs, with Cubs player Addison Russell hitting a grand slam in the 3rd inning giving the Cubs a 6-0 lead on the Indians, carving a path for a World Series title for the Cubs after 108 years. Game seven started off hopeful for the Cubs, leading the Indians 6-3 up until the 8th inning, when all of a sudden Indians player Brandon Guyer hits an RBI and Rajai Davis hitting a homerun clutch to tie up the game. Things are tense for the Cubs after, making sure that their defense and offense are spotless in order to break this 108 year curse. The game goes into overtime, going into the 10th inning with high hopes, as Cub players stack up onto the bases due to the Indians walking the heavy hitters in fear of losing. But the Indians can’t walk every player safely, resulting in 2 runs being scored in the top of the 10th. The Cubs with the World Series title in sight turn to defense against the Indians, letting one run go by with pitcher Carl Edwards. After being replaced by Mike Montgomery after getting two outs and letting a run come by, a base hit was hit towards third baseman Kris Bryant leading to an easy out on first and a monumental win for the Chicago Cubs.

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