News brief: Citrus Valley promotes Cancer Awareness Week


Occurring the week of Oct. 24 to 28, cancer awareness is the theme of Citrus Valley High School’s spirit week. Traditionally, October is the themed month of not just Halloween but cancer as well.
For the Blackhawks, it especially hits home since one of their fellow football players is currently battling leukemia. For spirit week, everyday is a different colour for a different type of cancer.
On Monday, Oct. 24 the students in participation wore white for lung cancer, on Tuesday they wore grey for brain cancer. The next three days of the school week were themed in purple for all types of cancers, orange for leukemia, and pink for breast cancer.
Many companies like the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Lokai Bracelet organization send out emails and links to their members in efforts to attract more donations and understanding of cancer during this specific month. American Cancer Society estimated that 1,685,210 people in the US have cancer in 2016 .

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