Month: November 2016

Wizard of Oz Auditions!

By KAYLAN ENGE ​This week on November 14 and 15 after school, REV’s Thespian department hosted auditions for the upcoming musical  The Wizard of Oz set to be showcased on March 2-5. The day of auditions the hallways of drama was full of student’s waiting to earn themselves […]

Ethic Visual

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Column: Through My Eyes

Netflix Binging By SAVANNA PATINO With Thanksgiving Break coming, ‘Netflix Binging’ season is in full swing. Thanks to the full week of free time a lot of students will have, the upcoming break is the perfect time to start a new TV show (or a couple new ones). […]

Marching Band Comes to an End

By SAVANNA PATINO ​ The 2016 Marching Band season is coming to an end. For many performers, this means the end of marching band for them. As the Redlands East Valley Marching Wildcats finish up their season, it is bittersweet for the many seniors that will be graduating […]

Cirque du Soleil Toruk Amazes

By MAYA SANCHEZ The Cirque du Soleil is known for it’s amazing acrobatics and creative experiences, and Toruk is no different. Based off of James Cameron’s Avatar — yes, the one with the blue creatures that live on the world of Pandora–, Toruk is an adventure that sends […]

REVHS Commences Soccer Tryouts

By JESSICA VANDERWOOD and AREYANNA CANDELERIA Last week Redlands East Valley held boys soccer tryouts at the AYSO fields. Tryouts are grueling and nerve wracking. They consisted of drills, scrimmages, and sprints. Each of these tasks showed the strengths and weaknesses of each individual player. The players that […]

Column: Learning to Grow Up

Becoming a Cyber Bully  BY JASMYN GONZALEZ I have always understood that cyberbullying was an issue and that it was out there. I have actually written a lot about trying to stop it as well. However, I didn’t have an actual connection to it…until now.  Just recently, someone […]

Column: Just Speaking My Truth 

Scholarships Save Lives  By LAURYN BEST  ​ As the deadline for applying for colleges draws nearer, a high school senior such as myself has to start thinking about something equally important: How in the world am I going to pay for this degree? Some people are fortunate enough […]

Halloween to Thanksgiving 

BY MICAELA PENALOZA ​My family is very spirited when it comes to  holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We decorate the the house with the theme of the holiday and go all out. This year I noticed that right after Halloween was over, there were advertisements for […]

Column: You and I 

Whitewashing Is Not Just A Type of Paint BY MAYA SANCHEZ ​Marvel’s newest movie soared into theaters on Nov. 4 and like other Marvel movies, has been a commercial success. This is to be expected. By now the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU for short, knows how to put […]

Big Week for Student Athletes Signing Letters of Intent

By MICAELA PENALOZA  College Letter of Intent Signings at Citrus Valley this week:Maxine Ortega, Columbia University, softballJamie Leon, Trinidad University, softballClaire Kovensky, United States Air Force, volleyball College Letter of Intent Signings at Redlands East Valley this week:Emily Rigsby, Azusa Pacific University, swimmingMikayla Jean, Concordia University, swimmingKim Aiken, […]

REV Cross Country Advances to CIF

By LEA CLARK Cross Country is a sport that is often confused with Track, for the reason that, “It’s running, it’s all the same…” etc., but unknown to many, the training put into Cross Country requires far more endurance, is more volume based, and especially more scenic than […]

What do you appreciate ? CVHS

Grade 11 Miguel Silva appreciates his parents especially this time of year. “ I appreciate them for everything they have given me and supporting me throughout my life”. Silva also appreciates not just his parents but his educators as well. He describes how Mr.Hill has “ given me […]

Whiteboard Question : What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

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John McKee Commits to USF

By KAILIE McKEE John McKee, a senior at REV has just signed to the University of San Francisco for baseball.  McKee is 17 years old, and started playing baseball when he was 4. Mckee’s career in baseball has spanned a very long time; he hit his first home […]

A Look at These Two Weeks in History

BY LIAM McABEE Nov. 5, 1605: Guy Fawkes plot to kill the king was discovered and stoppedNov. 6, 1860: Abraham Lincoln elected as the 16th presidentNov. 7, 1916: Jeannette Rankin elected first woman in CongressNov. 8, 1519:  Moctezuma II meets the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez  Nov. 9, 1906: Teddy Roosevelt […]

Trump Takes the White House

BY CAMERON KROETZ On Tuesday, Nov. 8, an election of historic proportion took place.  As the results from the Eastern states began to roll in, everything was going as expected with Clinton and Trump carrying the states they were expected to carry, but then Florida’s results began to […]

Christmas Parade

By CAITLIN MILLER ​The annual Redlands Christmas Parade will be held this year on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 6:00 pm. The Committee encourages nonprofits, businesses, and groups to participate in their parade, which follows the theme “Redlands Light the Way.” The parade is being co-organized by the city of […]

A Look at These Two Weeks in History

BY LIAM McABEE​Oct. 22, 1879: Thomas edison perfects his light bulb Oct. 23, 1812: Coup d’etat against napoleon fails Oct. 24, 1911: Orville wright remains in the air for 9 minutes setting a world record that lasted for 10 yearsOct. 25, 1780: John hancock becomes first the first governor of massachusettsOct. 26, 1682: […]

Album Review: Wings

​By MAYA SANCHEZ and LAURYN BEST  BTS – aka Bangtan Boys – is a Kpop boy group consisting of seven members: Rap Monster (Leader, Rapper), Jin (Vocals), Suga (Rapper), J-Hope (Rapper), Jimin (Vocals), V (Vocals), and Jungkook (Vocals). In April 2015 with the release of their mini album […]

Spotlighting Student Artists

By JASMYN GONZALEZ Senior Isaac McElroy “I started drawing in middle school, and it’s just followed me ever since. The beauty of art inspired me. The idea that you can give meaning, purpose and life to something that’s lifeless. I’ve always loved art and seeing it, and all […]

Evening of the Arts Takes the Stage

By STEPHANIE AGUILAR On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, Evening of the Arts took stage in the Blackstone Theater with a show to put on. What is Evening of the Arts? Well, Assistant Instrumental Director Brayan Rubio answered, “Evenings of the Arts provides a chance for students in the music program to […]