Speech and Dehalloween


On Saturday, Oct. 28 the Redlands East Valley and Citrus Valley debate teams faced off with the rest of the Citrus Belt Speech Region in the annual Halloween tournament. This tournament is unlike any other of the year because there is not a sea of suits and blazers, but of witches, superheroes, and cartoon characters. Unlike other tournaments where the teams debate real life topics such as military drone use or the needs for revolutions, during the Halloween tournament the topics match a spooky themes. Topics this year included trick or treating and the movement of Halloween to always fall on a Saturday. These topics allow the debaters to flex their skills with unusual topics and to have fun.

Costumes are one of the main attractions of the tournament. Students can choose to dress up and those that do put a lot of effort into their costumes. Some make their costumes for example Jonas Poggi from REV went as Ash from “Pokemon” and the Los Osos team went as a deck of black and white cards from the popular game Cards against Humanities. Some debaters just grab clothes from their closets to create costumes like the Yucaipa team who went as the internet meme Ken Bone, and Jackson Shields from REV who went as Morty from “Rick and Morty.” Teachers also dress up for the occasion such as Mr. Verdon who is the REV adviser came in as Henry the eighth. All those that chose to dress up had a great time debating other teams as their favorite games or characters.

When asked about the tournament, Jonas Poggi from REV said his favorite part of it is, “ getting to compete against other people in costumes. Dressing up is always fun, but dressing up is even more fun when you are going up against people who are also dressed up.” When asked about the topics they debated on he said that he, “ likes how uncanny they are.” CV hosted the tournament this year and when asked about how it went their debate president, Lindsey Neighbors, said, “ It was pretty exciting.” She not only helps run the tournament but also competes in it.  She also stated that she, “likes debating during the Halloween tournament because it keeps me really busy.” And with her help, the day went as planned and was ahead of schedule; something that hardly ever happens during debate tournaments.

Through all the excitement of the annual tournament the debate season continues and this is just another stepping stone until state qualifiers.

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