Six Ways To Transform a Pumpkin Into Something Useful


It’s pumpkin season and there are so many ways to use a pumpkin in the magical season of Autumn. Whether it is for decoration or it is for pure Fall spirit activities, the possibilities are endless when you have a pumpkin near by.

1. Carving
For instance you can include the classic pumpkin carving tradition in your Autumn preparation and create fall themed creations out of the layers of potential in each pumpkin. You can construct unimaginable designs so realistic that you might mistake one for a professional piece of art.

2. Pie
If you are more interested in the sweet treat side of things the classic pumpkin pie is always a contender. The classic pumpkin pie is an easy way to incorporate the seasonal pumpkin into a fun festive dessert for the whole family. It is not to hard to make and it only requires a few ingredients. Most commonly used are flour, pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, nutmeg, and salt, but remember every good recipe has a personal touch.

3. Painting
If you would like to unleash the inner painter in yourself you also might like the renewed tradition of painting pumpkins. There is always the option of painting the well-known jack-o-lantern on the pumpkin of your choice but more commonly ,in this day and age, faces of prominent characters from Olaf and the minions, to the classic Jack the Pumpkin King are being painted. Children and adults have taken on this challenging Autumn custom and have brought it up to a new level.

4. Crayon Melting
Another intriguing Fall activity to stir up the artistic side is melting crayons on top of pumpkins. This simple idea has taken the season by storm and has inspired many to try something new with simple necessities and a bright, entertaining product.

5.  Flower Planter    
If you are not the most artistic and have more of a gift of renewing the purpose of simple objects this next idea might interest you. Have you ever heard of a pumpkin planter? Well, now you can make your very own flower filled concoction. While it may not last long it will be sure to bring the Fall spirit to your garden or porch.

6. Bowling
Another new pumpkin inspired Halloween custom is pumpkin bowling! If you would rather play your Fall spirit out,  this is surely the thing for you. Only pumpkins and willing Fall spiriters are needed for this simple game.

With the endless ways to creatively use a pumpkin the list can go on and on. No matter your likes and dislikes there is surely a way to spark the Autumn spirit in you. You can be that house on the block and inspire everyone else in the neighborhood to up their game in the decoration category if you try these interesting ways to recreate a pumpkin.

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