The Rise and Fall of Ken Bone


​Ken Bone earned his place in the meme hall of fame on Oct. 9 during the second presidential debate in St.Louis Missouri. Because it was carried out town hall style, people seated on the floor were able to ask the candidates questions personally. Mr.Bone couldn’t have been aware that his striking resemblance to a cartoon character from Toy Story would launch him from obscurity to short-term stardom, but just like the old adage warns: all good things must come to an end. 

Everyone teen has had an adult tell them once or twice to be careful of what they post on the internet as it can never be taken down. As fans like to do, Ken Bone’s fans decided to look a bit into his presence on the internet (particularly Reddit) and were not very pleased with what they found. The shooting of Trayvon Martin is still a very sensitive topic for many and is credited as the starting point of the Black Lives Matter movement, but Bone has a different view on the issue than some of his followers. He is credited to have described George Zimmerman’s shooting of the seventeen year old ‘justified’ on a past post on Reddit under the username StanGibson18. 


Photo Credit to CNN

He then goes on to call Zimmerman by explicit nouns, offending both supporters and opponents. Bone weighed in on multiple other controversial moral and political topics. He even admitted to committing insurance fraud in the past so he wouldn’t lose his job.

 In this day and age anyone can go viral and all their dirty laundry aired for the world to see. Ken Bone isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, person to become instantly famous. He also isn’t the only person who’s past can be easily uncovered with the click of a button. Ken Bone is still sponsored by Uber, and he’s got a gig covering the Oct. 19 debate for Jimmy Kimmel so it’s safe to say his popularity is still in tact. Nevertheless his story should still be a lesson in watching what you say on such a public domain.

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