OHS’s Andrew Davis has Many Options and Words to Describe Him

PictureOrangewood High School student Andrew Davis


Andrew Davis is a busy high school student who enjoys drawing, film, Yugioh, skateboarding, story writing, music writing, and gaming as his hobbies. After he graduates he looks forward to being either a blacksmith or a massage therapist.

Before Andrew came to OHS he says he was a lazy student who was dealing with what is known as super depression. Andrew is always looking for some new way to help people.

Aiden Martin says that Andrew is, “a cool friend to have.” 

“He is a nice and kind person,” says Blanca Madrigal.

“He is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Mike Strozier.  

​Christian Aichele says that, “He is very respectful person.”

​Caileb Misale said Andrew was, “A person I enjoy being around.”

Many people describe him as, “funny,” “smart,” “creative,” “crazy in a good way,” and “charismatic.”  

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