New Spanish teacher steps into coaching position


Peter Cain is known to his Spanish students as Cain, but to a select few girls he is known as Coach Cain. In his first full year of teaching at Redlands East Valley High School he is doing something that most novice teachers do not. He is coaching a golf team. He, along with Sam Patalano, REV AP environmental science teacher,  have coached this year’s Lady Wildcats golf team with strength and patience.

Cain’s background in golf started in college where he played for his team. When asked why he decided to become the golf coach, he explained that he is, “addicted to golf and it is fun being around the team.”

​He also explained that he has had experience with coaching in the past by coaching the freshman basketball team at Redlands High School. But golf is not basketball and Patalano has been a, “really good” mentor for Cain. Cain explained that Patalano has shown him, “the ropes of how to run a practice, how to engage with different coaches in the league and how to set up matches and generally how to deal with parents when issues do come up. He’s been a very good bridge towards learning how to coach golf.”

With the season wrapping up, he and Patalano are looking forward and are setting goals for the next season. Cain explained that, “winning CBL is goal number one and then,” he wants to work towards, “developing young players and making it a realistic goal for them to shoot 50 or below.”  As Patalano is slowing moving away from coaching the REV golf teams and with Cain under his wing, Cain is most likely going to be coaching them when Patalano steps down. But for right now, “there are some time commitments things being a new teacher that are tough to juggle.”

Looking back on the season, Cain said that one of his favorite memories from his first season was, “beating Yucaipa by one stroke. I was following Trinity (Cervantez) play and she wasn’t very happy with how she played, but we ended up winning by one stroke so she was very happy.”

The one thing he will take away from this golf season is, “to be patient and realize that our student athletes have many responsibilities and it’s tough for everyone to juggle all their responsibilities of being a student and an athlete at the same time.” ​

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