The Flaws of Hillary Clinton’s Logic


​There are many who believe the democratic nominee of this presidential race, Hillary Clinton, will be the one to ensure success for America’s future. However, the very opposite is true.  It would be a mistake to allow someone like Clinton to be in control of America’s decisions. It would also be very likely for Hillary to make an irrational movement on an issue with great importance, ultimately leading America to their destruction. 

Hillary has spoken on many of her beliefs and they have proven to strongly reflect the Democratic party’s overall desires. However, there are some beliefs that ultimately are in direct opposition of each other. For example, Hillary believes in gun control. She believes that this may be the answer to bringing down the overall rate of murders in America. Taking away guns from Americans would be a direct violation of the Second Amendment, which would call for a revision of the Bill of Rights, which hasn’t been done since May 7, 1992.

If Clinton is willing to strip Americans of their rights and go through all the trouble of revising the Bill of Rights, why would she support the death of children? As any senator, Hillary wishes to lower the rates of murder yet she supports abortions. An abortion is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy” and a pregnancy is defined as a woman “ having a child or young developing in the uterus.” “Development” is being used as the word to state that a fetus is not living, however develop is defined as to “grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.” Is this not the same as what an everyday individual goes through? Therefore, Hillary’s beliefs on abortion and gun control are completely contradictory. She wants to rid of murders but end the lives of a developing child. How can she efficiently and rationally instill these principles in the everyday lives of Americans without causing confusion? 

Hillary is a weak link with her contradictory beliefs and hypocritical principles.

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