Column: You and I

Seasons Come and Go


People don’t like change; this is a sentence that we’ve been told time and time again, usually to explain cranky behavior or resistance. In physics, the resistance of change is called inertia. Newton’s first law directly addresses this phenomenon. Everything in the universe, it seems, wants to stick to their old ways.

But sometimes those old ways aren’t there anymore, and it’s only when things end do other things get a chance to begin.

But sometimes they just end, and that’s okay too.

Senior year is a story of endings. The last time you have a first day of high school, the last time you go to homecoming, the last time… you get my point. But while these lasts have come and gone, (there are still plenty where they came from) there’s a certain last — an ending, a goodbye, no see-you-later– that affects me in a way that the others didn’t.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and golf season always seems too short. It seems to finish just as it’s picking up. A lot of people at school don’t even know that the golf team exists (while we’re on that subject, a lot of people at this school don’t even know that this newspaper, let alone my column, exists), but it does and we’re a family.

Sure, golf is a sport where the only enemy is the one in your head. Sure, there are the players on the other team that you have to be aware of and your own players that are standing besides you, but the game comes down to you and your mind. It comes down to the confidence in your shot, the ability to tell yourself that you will make the shot and then actually make it.

But golf is a lot more than that too; at least to me it was. It was friendships and laughing and crying at the same time. It was badly rapping to Drake’s Motto on the car ride home. It was spending too much money on frozen yogurt. It was waking up before the sun and complaining about the heat one week and then the cold the next. It was three years that have been kind and sweet to me.

But as golf season officially winds down, and I say goodbye to what will probably be my last year of playing competitive golf, I’m happy.

It’s been a great season.

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