Donald Trump: A Dangerous Person For President 


​After Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential race in 2015, everyone knew that the nation was in for a wild ride. His racist comments and his infamous calls to build a wall have shaped his campaign, but no one foresaw just how bold he was going to get. Last Friday a tape was released in which one can hear Trump talking about his sexual exploitation of various women with NBC anchor Barry Bush. In the tape Trump mentions how he is able to “grope” and “kiss” women without consent because “[he] is a star.” Needless to say this tape has set a firestorm into motion.

It is a sad day when the nominee of a major party is heard bantering about sexual assault in a positive light. It’s even sadder is when they are still seen as a viable candidate. Donald Trump has said racist, misogynistic, and insensitive things in the past, but this incident should not be considered a Trumpism; this tape clearly shows that Donald Trump cannot and should not be the President of the United States. Multiple women have now come out and accused Trump of these malicious acts, adding substance to the accusation. These allegations should not be taken lightly. Donald Trump must not be allowed to get away with these heinous crimes much less become our president.

Before the tape was released, Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, was down several percentage points in key swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, but now she is up by very large margins. While this shows that many people, particularly women, will not tolerate Trump’s behavior, it also shows that not enough is being done to combat the culture of misogyny in this country. Trump is still up in most of the Midwest and most of the South, showing that, in these regions at least, displays of these kinds of behavior are still not enough to sway the people. Misogyny and sexism have been part of the American culture for far too long, there must be more done to combat it. People like Donald Trump take advantage of and marginalize women because the culture allows them to. This must change. Trump must not be allowed to propagate this kind of behavior, he must not be allowed to assume the highest office of this country. A vote for Trump is a vote for the continuation of the misogynistic culture. 

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