Citrus Valley Equality Club shares first year goals


​The definition of equality is to be able to have the same born rights, status, and opportunity of everyone else despite race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. At Citrus Valley High school the Equality Club strives to perfect this and enforce these rights despite differences in views and opinions.

Like many other high schools, Citrus has had the opportunity to be able to have access to a club that specifically tries to follow these guidelines and help others on their path into further acceptance of themselves and the others around them. One of the co-presidents of the Equality club, Rebecca Smith, plans to keep the success of their club going even after their board members graduation this year. She says she, “plans to select a board that they know will continue the club…and continue toward their goals.”

​Smith says that her and her co-president Elizabeth Vasquez were discussing equality and coming to find out their similar belief that, “equality is something that is heavily ignored in our generation, and we wanted to inform our peers about the inequalities occurring in today’s society.”

Equality club at Citrus Valley High school has become a popular club with this being its first official year and hopefully it continues to grow and strive to inform others on the injustices in not just our local community but globally as well.

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