COMPACT Club helps guide teens into independent life 

PictureRedlands East Valley Meeting


​Sitting in math class wondering where in the world you’ll ever need to know partial decompositions besides on the test that you conveniently keep forgetting to study for? Shouldn’t we go to school for more practical items? Shouldn’t the board of education care more about the reality of the world? (How are we supposed to know how to pay taxes, balance a checkbook?) 

COMPACT Club,  Redlands-specific and based at Redlands East Valley and Redlands High, is a club that strives to teach students the knowledge that they need in order to compete in the business world. Redlands East Valley’s Vice President Ally Zweigle says that “COMPACT offers a wide range of advantageous opportunities … including community service hours, job application training, [and] business-skills advancements.” From resumes to mock interviews to learning how to properly shake a person’s hand (firmly, but not too tight) and where to properly place your name tag (on the right side because when you go to shake the person’s hand their eyes are already drawn to your right), COMPACT teaches real-life skills. 

Besides the practical applications, COMPACT also emphasizes giving back to the community. For the past few years, COMPACT has paired up with Light & Power – a group of disabled adults- and have accompanied them with their holiday shopping and even attends the 66er’s baseball game with them. 

But the main focus of COMPACT club is building connections. One of the main highlights of COMPACT is the mixers that are held biweekly. These mixers bring together students and local business people to mingle and exchange information. Not only do these mixers help students familiarize themselves with networking, but they also introduce them to the professional world. Students are expected to wear business formal clothes and to present themselves in a mature way. These standards are to ensure that students are truly gaining experience that will help them later in life. 

As well as hosting mixers, COMPACT also hosts guest speakers. Taking place at the weekly meetings at the campus, the guest speakers talk about their careers and their paths to success, explaining to students what it takes it succeed. And there are many paths to success, so each career speaker brings something new to the table. 

Zweigle encourages students to join the club because “the certification process, scheduled events, and organization as a whole are compiled for student to take advantage of in order to improve their professional skills that will set them apart in the long run.”

And who doesn’t like having and advantage?

If you are interested in joining, COMPACT meets at Redlands East Valley in room G215 at lunch. See you there!

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