Column: Learning to Grow Up

Believing in Yourself


I know that it’s cliché to say that I feel like a nobody and I have no purpose, but it’s nearly impossible for me to feel otherwise. Maybe, if I had someone whispering every other second that I am indeed a good person and that I do have a purpose, I wouldn’t feel this way. There are simply many factors that play into these feelings of mine. Any little thing can set off a wave of emotion.

Being a girl, this is normal but I never thought that these emotions and feelings could be so strong as to make me doubt myself and limit myself to where my potential is crushed and suppressed. I feel like there are many out there who feel the same way as I do and as much as I wish to tell them that this is not true, even if I did, it would have no true effect. One must discover for themselves that they are indeed special and have a purpose in this complex world. I can’t be that person that continues to whisper in your ear and counterparts any derogatory statement toward you. If I did,  you would end up using me as a crutch and that wouldn’t help you at all in the long run. However, what can have an effect and a true impact is if you tell yourself that you are indeed special and have a purpose. This would actually mean something to you instead of a stranger who doesn’t know you. Once you do believe in yourself, the sky’s the limit.

​So, stop lying to yourself by saying that you are ugly, worthless, stupid, etc. and instead, start telling yourself that you truly were meant to be made and born into this world because you have a certain goal that you are to accomplish. This is true. Believing in yourself is the first step to beginning your path to destiny. So, learn to grow up by seeing yourself as your ideal person rather than using your faults and blemishes to define yourself, and begin your journey.

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