A Look at These Two Weeks in History


Oct. 8, 1945:
President Harry Truman Announced the Atomic Bomb Secret was shared with Britain and Canada

Oct. 9, 1936: Hoover Dam begins sending electricity to Los Angeles
Oct. 10, 1773: Paul Revere gets married to Rachel Walker in Boston Massachusetts
Oct. 11, 1726: Benjamin Franklin returns to Philadelphia from England
Oct. 12, 1901: Theodore Roosevelt renames The Executive Mansion to The White House
Oct. 13, 1945: Milton S. Hershey the chocolate tycoon dies
Oct. 14, 1899: Winston Churchill departs to South Africa as a News Reporter
​Oct. 15, 1924: Calvin Coolidge declares The Statue of Liberty a national monument
Oct. 16, 1875: Brigham Young University founded in Provo, Utah
Oct. 17, 1933: Albert Einstein arrives in the United States as a Refugee from Nazi Germany
Oct. 18: JFK meets Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Gromyko
Oct. 19, 1812: Napoleon’s Forces retreat from Moscow
Oct. 20, 1891: James Chadwick discovers the Neutron
Oct. 21, 1960: JFK and Nixon clash in the 4th and final Presidential Debate

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