Black Student Union bond doesn’t let any member fall behind


Clubs are invented for students to have an outlet that relieves them of stress and teaches them new skills at the same time. There is a variety of different clubs created that practice several different talents. BSU, Black Student Union, is one of the unique clubs available for students to enjoy their talent of rhythm, style and creativity using nothing but their own bodies for music. In this club, strong friendships and support is a guarantee for all members participating.

Charity Reed is the leader of REV’s BSU this year. She has been a member since her freshman year and just recently took over for her sister, Destiny Reed, from last year. When questioned of what she thinks BSU can give its members, considering their future, she stated that it teaches them to work as a team. She explained that they are “only as good as their weakest person,” elaborating that when one of their members is having trouble understanding the new steps and dances, they all try to help and won’t go on until they have mastered it. This not only shows the openness that BSU shares but also the strong friendship they all share. Reed also states that they are all “there for eachother, like a family” and further states that they are always willing to help not only with issues within the club but with their personal lives. This therefore teaches the group to have a strong care and friendship with each other. It further teaches them to communicate with others and put themselves aside when another member is having trouble.

Reed states that for a typical practice, BSU first watches as she demonstrates the new step and after she finishes, they all go through step by step. After they have mastered the steps, the group goes on to be introduced to the song they will dance to and the specific dance moves which are all inspired by hip hop music. This continuation and consistency in practice ensures the members of BSU hand eye coordination skills and allows them to apply it to not only their knowledge with the routines in BSU but also everyday life. Therefore, BSU not only teaches its students friendship and initiative but also skills they can carry into their futures.

Along with many other clubs, students have an efficient outlet and period of relaxation. BSU takes it a step further by having each other’s backs and guiding each other through trying times. This is a way for not only african american students but all other races to come together with hard work in dance and step, stomping their way through the good and bad times in life together.

While the BSU at REV is dance oriented, Cv’s has a different focus. Jasmine Alexander, President of CV’s BSU, founded the club because  “[she] felt [the school] really needed one…[she] decided it would be a safe place to discuss issues and to feel empowered as young black individuals”. Cameron Smith who is a member of the cabinet not to “bring light to discrimination or injustices, but because [he] is very proud of his heritage as it is deeply rooted within [him]…it is truly an honor to spread black culture in aims to advance the integrity of our youth”. Basically it is not about exclusion, but about bringing unity to a world where our differences are not celebrated but downright attacked. Through listening to the originators of rap, reading literature, or just chilling and eating some good soul food, a group of people who felt they had nothing in common can come together and learn about their or others heritage  in a safe environment with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

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