In Defense of the Republican Party’s Beliefs


This country has had much controversy and difficulty choosing to govern the country with Republican or  Democrat ideals. However, there are many who do not understand the contrast between these two parties. The beliefs of the Republican Party have a right to be defended and explained as they have been challenged and named in another article: Republicans Inconsistent Regarding Women’s Health, by Cameron Kroetz.

The article criticized the Republicans’ response to Clinton’s ill health and stated that although Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for the White House, had pneumonia she was “completely recovered in a few days” downgrading the severity of the situation. However, how can one completely rid of this illness? The only way she could have been recovered is if she had viral pneumonia, in which it would take more than a “few days” to simply recover. Pneumonia in itself has symptoms such as “fever, wheezing, cough, chills, rapid breathing, chest pains, loss of appetite and malaise, or a general feeling of weakness or ill health” as stated in American Lung Association. Not only do these symptoms strongly affect one’s health and well-being but they also have potential to become deadly. Even if Clinton is able to completely recover from pneumonia, she is vulnerable to many other illnesses, and because she is over 65 years of age, she has a high chance of suffering from other illnesses as well due to having had pneumonia. It would be unreliable to have such a president, as she would not be able to focus or carry out her daily duties while experiencing the symptoms from pneumonia or any other illness.

 The accusations that  Republicans are inconsistent regarding women’s health are not true because the Republican Party strongly believes in keeping any citizen safe and healthy. In fact, it is ironic that these accusations are being pointed toward the Republican Party when it is the Democratic Party that is okay ending lives with abortions. Abortions have proven to mentally and emotionally affect women, therefore if any wing is contradictory with their beliefs it is the left wing. The article continued to state that the Republican Party is “hypocritical,” however it can be seen that it is the Democratic Party who is as they believe that gun control is the best way to stop murders and casualties. It is difficult to state whether or not gun control would be successful in bringing down murder rates, but it would definitely be taking away American rights. It also begs the question: if democrats are willing to go as far as revising the Bill of Rights to end murders, why would they encourage women to continually end the lives of helpless fetus after fetus every six seconds? This is completely ludicrous and hypocritical. These contradictory beliefs show that the Democratic Party has few true and strong beliefs that follow the same guidelines.
 It is impossible to please all the people in the U.S and although that seems to be the primary goal for the Democratic Party, they are simply clashing their beliefs against each other. Which therefore shows that it is not the Republican Party that is “hypocritical” or “inconsistent” or “ludicrous” but rather the Democratic Party as can be clearly seen through their beliefs and statements.

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