Violence and Discord Shakes the Charlotte Community 


In the on going discussion of the correlation between race and police brutality, a shooting occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina became the braking point for protesters of the black community. It all began with the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Sept. 20, 2016. Officers had arrived at an apartment complex to arrest a man they had a warrant for, but they approached Scott who was sitting in his car. Police remain strong in their stance that he was an imminent threat because he had a gun, but some citizens of Charlotte did not not agree with the reasoning behind his death. Though it is not yet clear who was right, it did not keep community members silent; it was the turning point for the upcoming events.

​Violent along with peaceful protests broke out in the streets after the news of Keith Lamont Scott’s death. One protest soon escalated into a full on riot. A state of emergency was declared, the National Guard troops arrived, 44 people were arrested, and a curfew was set. A white man was dragged and beaten by a mob, and a civilian, Justin Carr, was shot and killed. What started off as a peaceful vigil for Scott turned into a nightmare for protesters, and officers alike. Charlottes’ mayor Jennifer Roberts expressed her disappointment by saying that the riots were not indicative of “ the Charlotte [she knows and loves] ”.


“Hands up, don’t shoot”,

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