Technology Causes America to Take A Step in the Wrong Direction


In 2008, I was nine years old and in the fourth grade. It was a big deal to be dating at my school, and a boy continuously asked me to be his girlfriend throughout the week. He asked and asked and I continued to say “no” because I was not allowed to date. One day, I was out of class, and on my way out I saw him. He smiled at me, trying to interest me by asking: “ Hey, do you have MySpace?” Now, as a nine year old, my family preferred that I not have an account on the internet so I had no idea what this was. To me, he asked me if I had “space”. I could not understand what exactly he was asking. So, as I had interpreted it, I answered, “Yeah…I have….space…?” He looked at me and smiled. “Oh, cool. I’ll search your name.” This was even more confusing. I had no idea what he was saying. I said, “You already know my name…?” I think I actually confused him because he just frowned and said, “Okay, see you later.” This, although it was awkward and very embarrassing, was my first introduction to the social media life. I had had no idea that it even existed, and learning of it made me realize that there was actually something out there people spent a lot of time on. I couldn’t comprehend it, but eventually I learned from hearing conversations and I have seen the way it has affected people. Since I have not and still haven’t been inside of that culture, I have a very unique perspective. 

Sometimes, it may feel as though one is treated like he or she is invisible. This feeling is a little stronger for some than for others because they are not a part of this world’s social media life. There are not many who do not have a social media account, but there are those who live their lives without it. Yes, they always hear about it and are always at a disadvantage when it comes to communication and meeting new people. However, they are able to see how it really is affecting our world and truly believe that the world would be much better without any type of social media. Because of technology, children no longer have the chance to go outside and play. They are unable to find a piece of imagination and use their minds to think of a game for entertainment. Now, parks are empty when they were once swarming with generation after generation of bright children inventing game after game. Friends were met in real life, relationships lasted longer than a few weeks. Not to mention that online, one can not be certain that someone is who they say they are, so it is much easier to be deceptive online than in real life. 

Despite this, parents are so much less attentive to what their child is doing. For all they know, their child could be getting cyberbullied and considering suicide and there is not even a drop of curiosity as to what is going on with their child. With this said, although many are not yet a parent, imagine if they ever did have a child, would they want him or her to be immersed in a life that is after all, not real? How would one even have the slightest idea that they are speaking to children? There are adults out there who pretend to be a child in order to trap children into kidnap or rape. As harsh as these statements are, they are very true. It is understandable that today’s world is glued to a screen because of all the amazing people who live miles away but ​shouldn’t people try to make friends where they do live in order to have someone who understands? Not with someone who speaks to them in memes which are approximately four words as his is the same mental capacity cavemen have.

 Around this time, our world was supposed to be moving forward with brain power and knowledge. However, there are so many who are simply illiterate. Writing skills have taken a plunge when they should be shooting up toward the sky. So many students are unable to write a full sentence with the correct structure and grammar. Let alone,  many don’t even know the difference between grammar and vocabulary. Which brings up another point: How are Americans supposed to call themselves one of the smartest people in the world when they can’t even expand their vocabulary to more than the four most commonly used words: explicit language?  This is an effort to bring it to American eyes that they are taking a step backwards with technology. Not to mention, maybe two out of 6,000 people will fully read this as their attention span lasts around eight seconds. Why would America do this to themselves? There could be so much more success with their pure knowledge from experience. But it seems that will never happen as technology has taken over every brain cell one can muster. 

Consider what this world would be like without technology. One might be surprised to discover that so many different virtues would be a part of a typical person in society. Think of the world as a whole; how much a typical girl has changed. Thousands of girls are swayed with the idea that they must be beautiful and jump all over boys to be cool before they are even able to accept and love themselves the way they are. Boys are pressured into having sex at a young age and looking like a bodybuilder. How can a person ever find themselves, when they are too busy listening and watching other people’s lives? Think of all the other activities kids will get involved in to kill time and all the skills they will pick up from studying harder in school. Think of how the average focus will zoom up and the comprehension will become more concentrated These are many many factors to a successful life. There will be less couch potatoes, less aggravated parents, less disrespect and more knowledge, more individualism, more success, more confidence. People won’t have to daily compare themselves to others and feel insecure. Although even without technology, people will naturally compare themselves to others, the numbers will drop rapidly. There will be less competition, more self-respect, and less bullying. If one was to compare cyber bullying to traditional bullying, statistics miraculously show that rates of suicide are increasingly larger when it comes to cyber bullying than to traditional bullying. This is not only because with cyber bullying, there is no escape but because the audience is much much larger online than in real life. These are only a few points and not with all the details and information that could be included. Overall, if this world was to have no technology,  life would zoom past this standstill technology has put the world in.

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