Overwatch: A Game With Many Possibilities 


Overwatch is a First Person Shooter that was released on May 24, 2016, so as you can see, it’s quite new. The game’s basis is on the player saving the world from a terrorist group named Talon. The group the player is a part of is called Overwatch. Overwatch started years before the game as a group being good in general, but then it came out that there was corruption and betrayal, so the group was disbanded and outlawed. Overwatch was restarted to stop the terrorist group named Talon to protect the people of the world. The leader of Overwatch was Strike Commander Morrison who now calls himself Soldier: 76, because he feels like he failed. The game features multiple maps with different areas and multiple game modes with special ones coming out regularly and a roster of 22 heroes with characters planned to be added in the future. Overall Overwatch is an extremely fun game that can be competitive and challenging, or it can be casual and easier depending on what modes you play. Overwatch is a game that can entertain most anybody and can be a fun experience for everyone.

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