Column: Here’s the Thing

How GMOs Are Shaping the Future


Today our supermarkets and food stores are mainly dominated by Genetically Modified Organisms. However, our society is nowhere near being dominated by people who understand GMOs or their potential. Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genes have been manipulated 

Here is the thing: GMOs are, like it or not, a huge part of our daily lives.

Ever since GMOs have been introduced in 1982 in insulin and, into our food and grocery stores in 1994, they have grown slowly into our everyday life and economy. 

Today a whopping 92% of all corn is genetically modified. While it doesn’t grow faster, it is herbicide and disease resistant, which can save a lot of corn from going to waste due to disease.

More importantly, GMO corn is drought resistant, which is a major plus for us here in California. 

For those of you keen readers out there, you may be wondering: “Didn’t this dude rant about GMO’s last year?” 

My answer would be yes I did. At which point you may have the following question: “Well why on god’s green earth is he doing it again?”

The answer to that is as follows: last year I mainly focused on genetically modified food, however, this year GMO’s have made history. A baby, Abrahim Hassan, with DNA from 3 parents was born making headlines as a scientific first. Here is how: doctors at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York carried out a spindle nuclear transfer, in which the nucleus of the mother’s egg was removed and then placed in a donor’s egg which had no nucleus, as it was previously taken out.By doing that, scientists deterred Abrahim from getting leigh syndrome, which his mother carries genes for.

Here is why you should care: if this works, a myriad of genetic diseases such as Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s, down syndrome, and much more will be non-existent. In addition, we would be able to prevent people from being more susceptible to certain diseases due to family history. 

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