Mob Psycho Tops Summer Anime Season


Mob Psycho 100, an anime series that was recently released over the summer has finished airing late September. It was created by the same manga artist that inspired released One Punch Man, which was a sensation and success among its viewers. Mob Psycho rose in popularity on anime forums such as MyAnimeList and streaming sites such as Crunchyroll where it periodically surpassed top-tier anime such as Naruto. It is currently ranked #80 by hundreds of thousands of users on MAL and is rated a whopping 8.55/10.

The storyline follows that of a socially awkward and unathletic boy, Shigeo Kageyama or Mob, who possesses innate psychic powers. He uses his powers to exorcise evil spirits that can only be seen by him and other psychics, while going to school and studying like any other teenage boy. He joins the school body building club in order to gain popularity and to be noticed by the girl he likes. He seems extremely weak and is often picked on by his enemies, but is surprisingly strong. He discovers different people and groups that utilize their powers in different ways. Claw, the main antagonist group in the series, uses their powers to abduct children with dormant psychic powers. Dimple, an esper (human beings born capable of using telepathy and other paranormal mental abilities), uses his powers to take over people in attempts to gain world dominance; characters like Mob try to refrain from using his power on ordinary people and instead uses his powers only when absolutely necessary. Through the buildup of his emotions, Mob gains percentage based on stressors put on his mind and body and eventually releases his powers when reaching a buildup of 100%, hence the name Mob Psycho 100.

The series was enjoyed by many due to its hilarious script, unique art styles, and usage of vibrant colors mixed with explosive and flashy scenes. However, throughout the series there were many different underlying themes such as self-worth which appear when Mob

struggles to find his true calling and use in life. It also holds themes such as importance of family, which is seen when Mob fights against extremely powerful opponents in attempts to rescue his younger brother. It also shows that you can be successful when using your wit over brute when Mob’s master and one of the leading characters, Arataka Reigen, tricks and manipulates the powerful psychic enemies on multiple occasions, while he has no real psychic powers whatsoever.

Overall, the series was highly rated as a result of the funny content and the detailed artwork utilized throughout. The anime is easy to follow and can be paired alongside One Punch Man as starter animes that will allow for viewers to bridge into the world of anime and its benefits. Mob Psycho 100 is extremely recommended for anyone who seeks a short and entertaining show to pass the time.

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