Fairy Tail: An Exciting but Incomplete Adventure 

Fairy Tail is an amazing action-packed anime with lots of fighting and problem solving. It is a PG-13 anime with a lot of story and very little filler. The starting plot is a young wizard is looking for father who happens to be a dragon. He has the nickname Salamander and his real name is Natsu and he is accompanied by his flying blue cat named Happy. The two characters meet a young lady by the name of Lucy who is celestial wizard. They save her from being kidnapped by so poachers on a boat. At the end of the episode Natsu, Happy, and Lucy end up running from the royal guards and Lucy gets to join Fairy Tail. The manga shows more elaborate detail compared to the anime and is further along. The anime is very consistent when it comes to storyline. There are many many different arcs to the series. This is includes a war arc where they fight another guild known as Phantom Lord. Another arc is one where there is a tournament  which is guild vs. guild to find out the top guild in the country.  The rating this anime gets is a 9/10 due to the fact that it still isn’t complete yet overall it’s a good anime
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