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Column: You and I

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The internet is twenty-five years old, and although it’s lifespan has been short, it has transformed an entire generation and all the generations to come. Some may say that the internet is something to be censored because of all the unregulated content, that it is dangerous because of the anonymity that it contains, that it is destroying the youth’s morals (But then again, when doesn’t the previous generation complain about the younger generation?), that it is making us lazy. 

But while the internet has it’s negative parts, as everything does, it is a wonderful thing. It connects people and information in ways that we once could not have dreamed of. The internet has shaped and changed the way that we look at the world, and change does not have to be a bad thing. Change is the only way to go forward, to advance, to become better than we were the day before. Society is no exception of this statement. Who wants their world to be the same it was twenty years ago? 

As I stated before, the internet has allowed information to be shared worldwide. An Encyclopedias worth of knowledge is only a few clicks away. How is that fact not amazing? How is the idea that humans have created something so powerful not put you in awe? And we are really only starting to scrape the surface on what the internet can really do. The internet has shaped marketing and media and therefore society in innumerable ways. 

The internet also brings people closer together. My grandmother loves going on Facebook because she is able to connect to her cousins and family that live on the other side of the country. She is able to see what they are up to, how their lives are going on, and be able to feel as if she is living only a few miles away from them, not thousands. I personally have met some of my best friends through the internet, and I don’t seem them any differently than my best friends that I see on a daily basis. Through the internet I have been able to find people that share similar interets and bond over them, the distance (thousands of miles and a 18-hour time difference in one case – Hi, Ella) between us unimportant because I can be laughing at a joke she just shared seconds ago. Friendships made of the internet are not any less real than those made in person. How many people have met their now-partner through online dating sites? The world has a population of over 7 billion people, and the internet brings use closer to every single one of them. How is that not fascinating? How is the ability to meet such unique and interesting and diverse people seen as something that hinders society?

Sure, maybe kids are spending more time watching television and playing on their phones than they used to. But when the television was first introduced, the older generation also voiced their complaints. People are always going to argue against change, but ironically their complaints are not going to to change anything. Children still play outside, we still have face-to-face interactions, but now we have another form of communication, another form of entertainment. And human ingenuity has responded to these new forms in multiple ways. (To go off on a tangent, the internet has created an entire new vernacular. One of the drawbacks of the internet is the screen in front of you, the inability to see and interpret a person’s body language. But because of the hurdle, language has evolved. There is a distinct difference from the use of you and u, hyperboles have become a way of expressing intense feelings, even memes hold emotional significance. These are just some examples of the flexibility of humans and how we are shaping the internet just as much as it is shaping us.)

And the internet has opened thousands of new jobs. From IT workers to bloggers to makers of webcomics, the internet is a plethora of creativity and success. The internet pushes for something new, helped by its ever changing platforms, and change is not something to be afraid of. Change is something to be embraced and accepted. 

The world is ever changing around us, and that change can be used for good things.

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