Column: Learning to Grow Up

Dear Reader


Throughout one’s life, there are many lessons learned such as: learning to tie your shoe, waiting in line, not staring, making eye contact when you talk, being patient. Almost all of these contribute to the person that one becomes in their future. As a child, your family is the main group you socialize with that teaches you the values of society. Once you become a teen, your peers are the ones that have the most influence on you, your behavior and your interests. So, as a teen, I am striving to impact and inspire you, my readers, to be the best person that you can be. I am trying to point out subjects and issues that can apply to one essentially “growing up”. This is the purpose of my column.

I am a big sister of three little brothers. I love them all very much. Throughout my time playing with them and enjoying their craziness, I realized that my little brothers were also learning day by day fascinatingly fast. It took me a while to realize that they were growing up as I was. Once I realized that they were becoming their own person, I started to think of how every little thing we learn everyday teaches us to become an older, more mature person. Through their millions of questions produced from their curiosity, I have noticed that they are no different than you and I. They are learning how to live in our society and go along with our culture’s ground rules, and getting a sense of understanding our daily interactions. We, teens, are learning how the “big world” so to speak functions and cooperates successfully. Therefore, this column will speak to the different issues faced by everyday people, and things that we can improve on. I have also decided to include any stories one might submit to me that can inspire people to become a better person. If you have a story you would like to submit, fill out the information below and please add at the bottom whether or not you would like it to be anonymous. Thank you my dear reader.

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